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SOS's primary call is to be a Ministry of Presence not a Ministry of Presents Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

Sending Out Servants (SOS) medical travel team...if in Houston, TX; Texas City, TX; or Cherry Hill, NJ —Ttravel to be part of a yearly medical vision mission...


Medical Travel Team members are involved in conducting a full Vision Clinic close to where the impoverished indigenous Maya live.  Full vision screening and assessments are performed, providing education on maintaining healthy eyes, assembling and dispensing prescription glasses for distance, astigmatism, bi-focals, reading and sun glasses; counseling and referring both candidates for Cataract surgeries and patients needing medical referrals.  Transportation is provided for the Cataract patients to obtain their surgeries in Antigua.  Some team members remain behind to accompany our patients throughout their surgical experience.  When SOS is able to secure an Ophthalmologist from the U.S., the surgeries are done in the local government hospital, Nacional Santa Elena Hospital in Santa Cruz del Quiché . Again, some team members will join the surgical team to accompany our patients throughout their surgical experience.

Basic Requirements:
• Primary, all missioners must have a missionary heart —with attitude of servant and flexibility.
• One should be in good health so as to meet the demands of a busy schedule, high altitude (6500 ft), bumpy roads, and reasonable amount of walking, sometimes on inclines.
• Youth must be sixteen of age or older
• It is helpful, but not required, to be able to speak Spanish since the Maya speak a dialect of Quiché. However, we always have a great need for bilingual team members to serve as translators from English to Spanish
• One does not have to be Catholic to participate in a Travel Team but are encouraged to fully participate in every aspect of the mission experience which includes prayers, evening Mass and reflection times. 
• Both medical (Optometrists, Medical Doctor, Ophthalmologists, Opticians, Optical Techs) and non-medical team members are needed to process the many patients.
• Be committed to the Mandatory Team Formation Meetings and the mission process itself.

What do I need to KNOW before joining the Medical team?

Joining an SOS Travel Team involves a number of personal responsibilities and commitments. To learn more about these, visit General Travel Information section for details.

How can I JOIN the Medical team?

To join a Medical team, first please review the General Travel Information section to obtain pertinent details before submitting a SOS Pre-Application Form. Applicants are placed on a Preliminary Team Roster and will be contacted to set up an interview. 

team formation meetings

There are approximately four to five Mandatory Team Formation meetings held usually on Sundays at Houston, TX, locations. Meetings are for:   

• becoming culturally and spiritually prepared

• being introduced to SOS mission entry protocols for entering indigenous communities

• coveri the "nuts and bolts" of the trip such as packing lists, safety protocols, airport logistics etc.

being assigned to a specific Clinic Station and trained during a Clinic-In Service to perform with confidence one’s duties and responsibilities regarding your Station.

• participate in a Mock Clinic to practice your skills on volunteer patients before departure

• being commissioned and sent forth by the faithful to serve Our Lord and His people.

• attending a three hour mini-retreat to refocus on the spiritual nature of the mission.



Stories from Travel Team members and their unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters with Christ while on mission. Choose one and share in their experience.


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